Something for Everyone at the Publican House

Something for Everyone at the Publican House

We are known for your local craft brews, but did you know we have an unreal cocktail list too!?
This patio season we are excited to introduce our Cocktails, "Hop-Tails" & "Mock-Tails" menu. Not a beer drinker? No problem! We have got you covered! 

Featured here:

Our Beer-Garita: Made with our Lime Light Lager, Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice & simple syrup. Garnished with a salted lime. 

Our Basil Mojito: White Rum, housemade basil-mint syrup & soda. Garnished with mint, cucumber & a sugar rim. 

The Rocket Pop: Dillon's Gin, Blue Curacao, lemonade, soda, grenadine & lemon juice. 

Our cocktail list changes seasonally. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay up-to-date on new menu items.  


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